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How to Create a Wikipedia Page?



Register: Sign up with wikipedia

Go to Article Wizard: Go to article wizard & click on “Write an article now

Write an article - wikipedia

Click on “No, My proposed article doesn’t exists

No, My proposed article doesn't exists

Chose the “Type” of the article

Type of Article - Wikipedia

As per wikipedia norms, any article you are proposing should fall into notable criteria & considered to be good for the wikipedia audience.

Wikipedia Notable Criteria: Notable article should be “worthy of notice” or “note” – that is, “remarkable” or “significant, interesting, or unusual enough to deserve attention or to be recorded”

In general, notability is an attempt to assess whether the topic has “gained sufficiently significant attention by the world at large and over a period of time” as evidenced by significant coverage in reliable secondary sources that are independent of the topic.

In short any topic you are proposing the article should have independent sources with enough details about the subject. A minimum of three external sources would do the job for you.

Click on “My Proposed article is about a notable subject

Proposed article is about a notable subject

Here comes the notability again, you article must have good sources (notable), if so, click on “My proposed article has good sources

Article has good sources

Wikipedia do not accept neutral & copy pasted submissions, please make sure that your article has enough notability & is not copied from somewhere else.

Neutral or copied article

For the first time users, it is recommended that draft an article first, review it thoroughly before submissions.

Article Draft - Wikipedia

Start writing: You can always review your article. Save as & preview your article before publishing.

Start Writing - Wikipedia

Things to note down before submitting an article:

  • It is recommended to be an avid contributor to wikipedia
  • The article you are proposing should not be promotional else it will go into “Speedy Deletion”
  • Always prefer to get to the root cause of the article deletion, use “Live Chat”
  • It is mandatory for someone else to review & approve your article for publication on wikipedia.
  • Once approved contributors may suggest to improve the page by expanding it.
  • Constantly work on the article to improve it by expanding, adding more info & sources to make it useful for the readers.
  • You should have an understanding of how wikpedia codes their attributes
  • The guidelines & submissions rules are tough & always needs to comply if you want to have your article approved.

I would also recommend you to read about wikipedia & “Jimmy Wales” the man behind wikipedia.

A non profit organization which could have easily made up billions if offering advertising.

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