How to Rank Well in Google? 27 On Page Factors By Moz

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How to Rank Well in Google? 27 On Page Factors By Moz


  1. Your Webpage must be Accessible to Search Engines

You need to make sure that your webpage is accessible to search engines: it returns HTTP code 200, should not be blocked by crawlers, does not use a meta-refresh to another URL, and should not have a rel canonical tag either.

  1. Sufficient Characters in Content

You webpage must contains a minimum of 350 characters of readable, substantive, unique content that provides value to your potential visitors.

  1. Must have Only One Canonical URL

Every page must have only one canonical URL. You can use the canonical URL tag to point duplicate pages to the same, correct canonical URL.

  1. Use of Exact Keyword you would like to rank should be used at least once in the Document

You must use your targeted keywords in the document or content of the webpage at least once.

  1. Use of Broad Keyword in Page Title

Some form of your targeted keywords early in your “title” tag, preferably as one of the first words.

  1. Multiple Page Title Elements – Not Recommended

Every webpage should have only one “title” tag.

  1. Keyword Stuffing in Page Title – Not Recommended

Your targeted keywords should not be used more than twice in the “Page Title” tag.

  1. Keyword Stuffing in Document or Content – Not Recommended

Use your targeted keywords no more than 15 times in the webpage.

  1. Must have Sufficient Words in Content

Your webpage must contains a minimum of 60 words of readable, substantive, unique content that provides value to your potential visitors.

  1. Keyword Placement in Page Title is very important

Your targeted keywords should be closer to the beginning of your <title> tag.

  1. Optimize your Image Alt Attribute

Add your targeted keywords to the image alt attribute of a relevant image. If your webpage does not contain any images, please consider adding one.

  1. Use of External Links

Add a link to a relevant, trusted resource that potential visitors may appreciate.

  1. Optimal Page Title Length

You “Page Title” tag must have minimum of 60 characters or less.

  1. Use of Exact Keyword in Page Title

Use of exact keywords early in your “Page Title” tag is highly recommended.

  1. URL Uses Only Standard Characters

Make sure your URL contains only letters, numbers, backslash, comma, plus, exclamation point, period and dash. Parameters using ampersand and pound are fine to use as well.

  1. Use of Keywords in the Meta Description

Add your targeted keywords at least once, but no more than three times in the meta description tag.

  1. Keywords Used in your URL

Your targeted keywords must be used in the URL string of the page.

  1. Use of Meta Descriptions tag

Every webpage must have a meta description tag, describing content on the page in a way that will make it compelling who see the snippet in the search results.

  1. Use of Static URLs

Use mod rewrite or ISAPI rewrite to change your URL to be static (removing all instances of ?, =, etc.).

  1. Optimal Use of Keywords in H1 Tags

Your targeted keywords must be used at the beginning of your H1 headers once or twice on the webpage.

  1. Avoid Too Many Internal Links

Scale down the number of internal links on your webpage to fewer than 120, if possible. At a minimum, try to keep navigation and menu links to fewer than 100.

  1. Avoid Too Many External Links

Reduce the number of external, followed links on your page to under 180. In most instances, under 150 is optimal.

  1. Optimal Meta Description Length

Your meta description tag should contains your main points across in 160 characters or less.

  1. Only One Meta Description

Make sure each of your webpage contains only one meta description tag.

  1. Avoid Keyword Stuffing in the URL

Using your targeted keywords in the URL is recommended but avoid stuffing keywords in the URL. Rewrite your URL to use your targeted keywords no more than once.

  1. Minimize URL Length

The length of your webpage URL must be limited, preferably shorter than 75 characters and three subfolders. Rewrite your URL if not following the recommendation.

  1. Includes a Rel Canonical Tag

If this page is a duplicate of another page, add a canonical URL tag to the header of this page to reference the page you want all duplicates to point to.

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