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Step By Step Guide to Dynamic Remarketing Campaign



Create Campaign & Select ‘Display Network Only‘:

Dynamic Remarketing Campaign

Make sure to select ‘Dynamic Remarketing’ & attach Google Merchant Center Account:

Dynamic Remarketing - Campaign Setting

Name Ad Group & Start Creating Ads. You can create three types of ads:

Dynamic Remarketing - Ad Type

Click on ‘Ad Gallery’ – Recommended

Dynamic product ads

Click on ‘Dynamic Ads’, further you would see three types of ads:

Dynamic product ads - Image

Click on Dynamic Products Ads – Image

Always Chose ‘Let Adwords Pick From Available Layouts’ – Recommended

Dynamic Remarketing - Ad Preview

Chose the options you would like to display on the ads:

Display Option - Dynamic Remarketing

Ad Logo, Headline & Button & You are done!

Image Ads - Dynamic Remarketing

Adwords Will create 12 Variations of your ads:

12 Variation of Ads

Let them run & optimize your campaign for productive results.

Its always a good idea to make device level bid adjustments given that Smart Phone Users are quite Internet Savvy.

Device Level Bid Adjustments

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