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How to automate workflows with Zapier



Looking to automate your workflow? Do you want to automate Gmail, Facebook Leads, Social Posts, WordPress forms or Unbounce Leads? Zap connects the app we use every day. Now you can automate them all with a few clicks. Zapier supports more than 750 apps.

Once such awesome integration is to store the Unbounce Leads automatically to your Google Sheet.

Let’s learn how to automatically store Unbounce Leads into Google Sheets.

1) Login to your zapier account and click on “MAKE A ZAP!”:

Make A Zap

2) Name your Zap and choose your trigger app, which is Unbounce:


3) Choose Trigger and click on Save + Continue:


4) Now, connect your Unbounce Lead page via zap by using the Zap URL shown Below:

Connect Zap

5) Login to your Unbounce Account & Choose the page your would like to connect:

Unbounce page

6) Go to page & click on Webhook:


7) Add the Zap URL as shown below & Click Next:


8) Check if all your fields are intact & Save Changes:

Configure Zap

9) Make sure you fill a test inquiry as an input value to Zap. Go to your Zap Account & Click on “Ok, I did this”:


10) Once your test is successfully executed, choose an action app which will be Google Sheets:

Google Sheets

11) Choose trigger action & click on Save + Continue:

Choose Action

12) You’ll be asked to connect to your Account where you have the Google Sheet Created for storing the leads:

Connect Google Sheet

13) Choose your Spreadsheet & Workbook to store leads:

Form Submission

14) Make sure you map your unbounce input values to Google Sheet Headers correctly:

Field Mapping

15) Click on test this step & Save + Continue:

Field Mapping Done

16) Test your zap, finish & make your Zap ON, you are done:

Finish Zap

Zapier Makes You Happier!

Post Credit: Unbounce & Zapier

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