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How to Implement Site Search – Google Analytics



Implementing site search in Google Analytics can be very effective. You can better analyze the data & take actions to optimize or improve the conversions.

How to implement site search with query parameters?

Most of the sites prefers to have basic site search structure & it is fairly easy to implement site search in Google Analytics.

The URL structure would be something like:

In the above case, the query parameter is “q”. Now, let’s implement site search.

Login to Google Analytics, Click on Admin — >> View Settings:

Site Search Query Parameter

Put Site search ON & add the query parameter:

Site Search Settings - Google Analytics

In couple of hours, you’ll start seeing the site search as:

Search Terms

Now, not all the sites implement basic query parameters, for example. URLs like: 

We can still implement the site search by extracting query parameters from the URL. In the above URL, the query parameters are “orig0” & “dest0”.

As soon as you implement the search query parameter from the URL:

Search Query Parameter

You’ll start seeing the search queries:

Search Terms - Google Analytics

How to implement site search from advanced filters?

If you are unable to figure out the search query parameters from the URL, there is still a way to implement site search through Google Analytics Advanced filters. For example, URLs like:

Go to filters:

Google Analytics - Filters

Select Advanced Filters:

Google Analytics - Advanced Filters

Add the regular search expression:

Output Constructor - Google Analytics

  1. Look for URLs (request URI) structured as defined in the RegEx [Field A->Extract A]
  2. Extract the first part of that URL [$A1]
  3. Place this as your search term [Output to ->Constructor]

Go to Behaviour –> Site Search –> Search Terms report, you should have a list of terms.

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