How to Improve Search Engine Rankings Internationally?

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How to Improve Search Engine Rankings Internationally?



1) Geographical or IP filteration to show up two different entities in search engines. Local Vs International. And let each entity optimized accordingly.

Example: PageTraffic

Page Traffic has done a Geography filteration where someone searching for in India will be redirected to  & someone searching for abroad will be directed to  which has completely different content.  Vs
1) Different awards & contributions
2) Different Content

Geographical Filteration

2) One Domain – One Country

One Domain One Country

Reason – One important indication that Google uses to determine the geographic relevance of a site is its Top Level Domain (TLD).

The idea is that Geography filteration will help a specific web property to appear in the searches & country specific TLDs will get helped in ranking.


Top Level TLDs

Note: There are restrictions on registering some ccTLDs. For instance, to register a domain, one must have registered business in Australia. As a result, Google takes this as an indication that your site is relevant to Australian users.

3) One Sub-Domain – One Country

Go for a subdomain for each specific country within the main domain, but it has its own consequences:

One Sub-Domain - One Country

4) Finally…SEO:

Onsite Content – The most fundamental aspect of any SEO strategy is onsite content. This includes page titles, meta descriptions, and actual page copy. In a nutshell, onsite content should reflect the markets we’re targeting.

For instance, USA & UK often use different spellings. So if we’re targeting both the US and the UK, we will want to make sure that we have separate descriptions to target each country.  Please see below –

USA – Jewelry

UK – Jewellery

Backlink Profile –

  • One of the important factor which Google considers for ranking is the TLD, IP address, and onsite content of the sites linking back to you. For example, it is much more valuable to have a site linking back to your UK property than is to a backlink from a .com or .org site.
  • Use Local Targeting
  • Local Testimonials
  • Achieve Rank with regional backlinks (Important attributes which we can focus are PR, PA & DA. Alexa can be considered a very important tool to figure out the country-wise link building opportunities by figuring out that the web property is ranking for which country.
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