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How to Set Up Facebook Campaigns?



Facebook & Google are considered to be the two most utilized channels when it comes to paid marketing. Let’s have a look at ‘how to set up the facebook campaigns?’:

Login to your Business Ads Manager & Click on ‘Create Campaign’:

Create Facebook Campaign

You will see multiple options to start with. You can chose your business requirement & start a campaign you feel will do best for your business.

Types of Facebook Campaigns

Chose the objective of your Business:

Brand Awareness: Increase awareness for your brand by reaching people who are more likely to be interested in it.

Local Awareness: Promote your business to people who are nearby.

Reach: Show your advert to the maximum number of people.

Traffic: Send more people to a destination on or off Facebook.

Engagement: Get more post engagements, Page likes, event responses or offer claims.

App Installs: Get more people to install your app.

Video Views: Get more people to view your video content.

Lead Generation: Drive more sales leads, such as email addresses, from people interested in your brand or business.

Conversions: Drive valuable actions on your website or app.

Product Catalogue Sales: Create adverts that automatically show products from your product catalogue based on your target audience.

Store Visits: Get more people nearby to visit your bricks-and-mortar locations.

We will go through a process of launching a facebook campaign optimized for ‘Conversions’, highly recommended. You can launch all other campaigns in a similar manner:

Name the campaign & Click on Continue:

Name the Facebook Campaign

Make sure you have the conversion pixels in place (Website) for better understanding of the data & optimization. Chose the pixels & then continue.

Focus on the best optimization tactics & you will get the max out of it.

Select Demographics as your target audience:


Select Detailed Targeting:

Detailed Targeting

You can also browse for more detailed targeting. Saving your audience is a good practice to use for future campaigns. So make sure you save campaign if you would like to utilize the same targeting for future campaigns.

Save the audience

Now Select Placements  & Budget:

Placements & Budget

Name your advert set & click continue:

Advert Set name

Now, you will see multiple options to launch your campaign. We will go through the ‘Carousel’ Campaign which seems most effective for any ecommerce industry.

Carousel Campaign Facebook

Add images to the ad. 5 Images works well in this format.

Add in headline, description & destination URL:

Images Carousel

Once you are done with these, your advert will look like this:

Final Facebook Campaign

Now Place the order & you are live with your Facebook first Campaign Carousel:

Place Your Order

Now, login to your dashboard & you will see that your campaign is live:

Dashboard Preview

Focus on the best optimization tactics & you will get the max out of it.

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