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OptiMonk + Zapier = ROI



Yes, you got it right. When it comes to Pop-Up, OptiMonk is a great tool. If your website is already hitting good traffic. You can utilize this tool in retargeting your visitors to convert and increase your conversion rate. There are various ways you can retarget your visitors:

If you want to run promotional offers on some specific days (collect email address):

OptiMonk Offer

Distribute Promo Code:

OptiMonk Promo Code

Request A Call Back

OptiMonk Request A Call Back

Or Create a Custom Pop-Up as per your needs

OptiMonk Custom Pop-Up

OptiMonk also allows you to use Nanobar:

OptiMonk Nanobar

And the last but not the least, OptiMonk launched new sidebar Pop-Ups:

OptiMonk Sidebar Pop-Up

Zapier Integration:

Now you can’t expect anything great if you have a way to instantly receive the information filled up by the user on emails. Yes, Zapier makes you Happier. Sign Up, Create a Zap & You are all set.

Follow the below instructions to get the information directly emailed to you by the user.

Create a Zap & Choose the Trigger “Webhooks”

OptiMonk Trigger

Catch the hook

Catch the hook

Copy the webhook & make sure you paste it correctly on the OptiMonk form:

Paste Webhook

Login to OptiMonk & Go to the form Settings. Go to integrations & choose an external system to store your leads. Choose webhook & paste the above URL you get from Zapier

OptiMonk Webhook

Do nothing, click continue:

OptiMonk Continue

Test your webhook:

Test Webhook

Choose an action “Email from Zapier”

Zapier ActionClick continue to chose an action:

Zapier Outbound Email

Choose the Subject & body with the details to receive:

Zapier Email

You are done. Any lead subscribed to optimonk will directly come on your email specified above.

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