Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is the process to increase your website traffic via social media channels. Social media marketing efforts usually focuses on content that creates user attractions & encourages them to share the content on different social media platforms. This electronic word of mouth (eWoM) about the content creates hype as it appears to come from a third party source & when the underlying message spreads from one to another builds a trust & brand. We simply called this form of marketing a earned media rather than paid media. The reason is simple we never forced them to browse the content, actually they force everyone else to browse the content.

Social Media Marketing helps to identify –
  • Target audience to work with
  • Behavior that influence
  • Look at what people do
  • Analyze why they do
    • And in order to meet up our goals, we –
      • Manage & grow Business Communities across all social media channels
      • Create & publish engaging content to leverage social audience
      • Identify actionable insights via analytics
      • Explore brand consistency & scale is worldwide

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